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Massage Cambridgeshire

Massage Cambridgeshire
Massage Cambridgeshire

Massage Cambridgeshire Lomi Massage Cambridgeshire

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Cambridgeshire Deep Tissue

Sports Massage Cambridgeshire

Deep tissue massages are used to deal with muscles knots and scar tissue, often located deep in layers of muscle. These deep problem areas are treated with slow firm strokes that release tension and can realign tissue fibres. Deep tissues massages are ideal for those suffering from chronic pain, including conditions such as upper and lower back pain, osteoarthritis and limited mobility. Deep tissue massages are also ideal for optimum performance and injury rehabilitation, especially for athletes. Many athletes and coaches have recognized the benefits of including sports massages in training regimens. These sports massages are deep tissue massages that target muscles affected by repetitive or heavy use, depending on the sport being played.

Four-Handed Massage Cambridgeshire

Many claim that the four-hand massage feels like having two full body massages simultaneously. Two massage therapists work on your body in synchronization with each other, using slow strokes of varying pressure. This type of massage is often advised as a form of stress relief, especially for those who find it hard to let go of their thoughts. Your brain will try to keep track of where each therapist is in the four hand massage at first, but will quickly give up and relax into the feeling. There are different styles in the four hand massage, and each client has their own preference.

Couples Massage Cambridgeshire

Getting a couples massage for you and your loved one is easy. A couples massage entails two people being massaged at the same time by separate therapists on different beds. Both parties may choose to have the same massage or different ones depending on their needs. The massages happen in the same room, and can be the ultimate bonding experience for you and your partner.

A couple massage can be for lovers, in which case the room will be designed to have a more romantic ambience. It can also be platonic, with couples massages between two friends or between two family members, such as a mother and daughter. Whatever your type of relationship, The Massage People will provide the best massage experience for you and your partner.

Swedish Massage Cambridgeshire

When doing the Swedish massage, therapists use oil and long hand movements to get rid of adhesions and knots in the muscles. Swedish massages are known for relaxing the whole body, and are perfect for those who are new to massage therapy. By moving in the direction of blood flow from the heart, it is said that the Swedish massage improves circulation and remove toxins. The Swedish massage is based on human anatomy and physiology, different from massages which follow the Asian concept of energy flow.

Lomi Massage Cambridgeshire

Lomi massage is derived from the ancient Hawaiian Lomilomi, which incorporates elements of spirituality and healing into the massage practice. The therapists can use different parts of the hands and feet for the massage, and nut oils are often used as emollients. Some sessions involve the use of sticks and stones.

Benefits of the Lomi massage include: improved blood circulation and lymph flow, removal of toxins from the body, and complete relaxation and rejuvenation. The spiritual element of the practice involves prayer and meditation, and clients are expected to wear as little as possible to avoid hampering the process of being in harmony with nature.

Back & Neck Massages Cambridgeshire

Those who work certain types of jobs, such as desk jobs and jobs that involve heavy lifting, can benefit from back and neck massages. In a back and neck massage, pressure is applied to the back, with the therapist working up to the neck. The shoulders and head can be incorporated into the massage, or treated in a separate session. Back and neck massages tend to be short, as the focus is on the upper body only.

They are perfect for lunch breaks, and can be done right before going back to work. Some clients request for a simple massage with light or medium pressure, while others may require a deep tissue massage to ease knots and stiff muscles in the neck and back.

Bamboo Massages Cambridgeshire

The bamboo massage involves the use of hard, straight bamboo sticks to apply different massage techniques. The bamboo sticks are organically treated for health and safety reasons. They can be heated, similar to hot stones, or they can be kept at room temperature. The massage therapists hold the sticks and move them over the muscles, just as they would have done with their hands.

The bamboo sticks can be used for light massages or deep tissue massages as directed by the client. Longer sticks are used for larger muscles, while smaller sticks are used for more detailed work. Silica, a component of bamboo cell walls, has a number of benefits for the skin, muscles, tendons, and bones.

Foot Massage Cambridgeshire

Order a foot massage for yourself or a loved one, especially if you need to unwind after a long day’s work. Foot massages involved detailed work on the feet, including work on the ankles, heels, soles and toes. Therapists focus on pressure points to ease the tension out of your muscles. Foot massages are good for headaches and help release stress, leaving you feeling very relaxed. The practice also improved blood circulation and helps to reduce anxiety.

Pregnancy Massage Cambridgeshire

Pregnancy massages are similar to regular Swedish massages, with some changes made to suit the needs of pregnant women. During pregnancy, your body is going through a lot of changes, and this may cause some degrees of stress and discomfort. Pregnancy massages are known to relieve stress, depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce swelling and offer relief from pain.

For some women, massages also help to reduce nausea and heartburn. Our pregnancy massage therapists are well-experienced in the art and are aware of what pressure points to avoid and which oils should not be used as they can affect uterine contractions. Feel free to contact any of our therapists to voice any concerns or enquiries before your massage.

Reflexology Cambridgeshire

Reflexology is more than just a massage. Reflexologists apply pressure to various points on the feet, which correspond to different organs in the body. The pressure applied to each section inducing a healing response from the matching organ. The ears and hands are often worked on to trigger feelings of relaxation. By stimulating the foot repeatedly, blocked channels for energy are released, which in turn improves the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. The practice also boosts the immune system by flushing out toxins from the body.

Shoulder Massages Cambridgeshire

A shoulder massage, as the name implies, focuses on relaxing the different muscles in the shoulder region. Different techniques can be applied to the region, with emphasis on the removal of knots and adhesions. This relieves tightness and pain, and promotes blood circulation.

Indian Head Massage Cambridgeshire

The Indian head massage is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on balancing the energy, or chakras, in different parts of the body. The technique involves applying a rhythmic pressure on the face, head, neck, shoulders, arms and upper back. The Indian head massage helps to clear stored tension, offering relief from headaches and pain, improving circulation and leaving the client very relaxed.

Massage Cambridgeshire
Massage Cambridgeshire

Thai Massage Cambridgeshire

Thai massage is known to be an invigorating activity which improves the flow of energy and blood circulation in the body. It can also act as supplementary therapy for chronic pain and headaches. The therapist works to move your body into various poses and stretches while applying rhythmic pressure on the muscles using the hands and fingers. This activity leaves the client feeling completely relaxed and stress-free.

Mobile Massage Cambridgeshire

The Massage People offers mobile massage services to your home,office or your hotel room. We provide quality massage therapies on the go, and are available at a location of your choice within Kensington.

Therapeutic Massage in Cambridgeshire

Therapeutic massages are often used as complementary therapies to assist in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders or physical injuries. Relaxation is not the main goal of a therapeutic massage. Health professionals may recommend therapeutic massages when they feel it is beneficial to the patient. However, healthy people, especially athletes and those with physically demanding jobs can undergo therapeutic massages to stay fit physically.

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