Asian Thai Leeds Massage

Asian Thai Leeds Massage

Massage is given to relax and alleviate pain that might have been gained in a number of ways, from sporting injuries, pregnancy to mental strain. Massage will relax the muscles and allow them to return to their natural state regaining your comfort.

Whilst many people believe that sports massage is only for people that regularly practice sport or have a specific injury, this isn’t the case. Deep tissue massage can help whether you’re an athlete or relatively inactive, it helps release painful tension and recover flexibility and movement.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Relieves swelling
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Prevents injury
  • Removes toxins and waste products
  • Relieves pain
  • Restores mobility
  • Speeds up recovery process
  • Increases supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue
  • Aids rehabilitation after injury
  • Aids range of movement and increase muscle flexibility
  • Relieves emotional tension and anxiety

Types of Massages:


Maintenance massage is a more regular treatment to loosen off tightness within soft tissues to improve performance and prevent injury. It will help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues, using concentrated firm pressure and specific techniques. This encourages relaxation, energises tired muscles and can improve posture.

Pre Event

Fast, light techniques are used to provide stimulation and increase blood flow to promote oxygen absorption within the relevant muscle groups. This enables the muscles to work at their optimum level and can enhance performance by increasing flexibility and range of movement whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Post Event

Post-event massage is geared towards aiding the muscles to return to their natural pre event state. It speeds up the removal of metabolic waste products from the muscles and aids in the elimination of toxins which reduce muscle spasms and fatigue. Post event massage enhances the body’s own recovery process improving the ability to return to training and competition, and reduces the risk of injury.

Asian Thai Leeds Massage
Asian Thai Leeds Massage


Even with preventative maintenance, muscles cramp, tears, bruises etc can occur. Sports massage can speed healing, reduce pain and discomfort during the rehabilitation process and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Sports Massage

Relieve tension, reduce muscular pain and speed up the removal of waste from muscles whilst improving blood flow, mobility and recovery with a massage specifically tailored to your needs:

30 mins – £30
45 mins – £40
60 mins – £45
90 mins – £65

Longer appointments available please ask

Wellbeing Massage

Using light to medium pressure this is an ideal option to help you unwind and relax whilst relieving stress and tension promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Back, neck & shoulder massage
(45 mins)  – £40
Full body
(1 hr 15 mins) – £55

New clients: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your initial appointment to time to complete the client consultation form.

Please note cancellation policy is 24hrs.
Anything less and 50% of the treatment price will be charged unless the appointment is filled.

Hot Stone Massage uses a variation on traditional massage techniques using a wide flat stone that is heated to aid muscle relaxation.

The direct heat of the stones allows access to the deeper muscle layers.

Leeds Massage Sauna

Combining hot stones with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones expand blood vessels which improve circulation and ‘energy flow’ throughout the body, aiding in detoxification, stimulating the immune system and improving digestion.

The Hot Stones are placed at specific pressure points all over the body to allow the muscles to relax.  After this, the relaxed areas are gently massaged to ensure that all the toxins are released and your muscles are relaxed to their natural state.

Leeds Massage Places

The Hot Stones are relaxing and comfortable and provide a wide range of benefits including a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, promote deep relaxation whilst an increasing range of motion in joint movement.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation.

30 mins – £40
45 mins – £50
60 mins – £55
90 mins – £75

Please note cancellation policy is 24hrs.
Anything less and 50% of the treatment price will be charged unless the appointment is filled.

Enjoy a relaxing session with our expert team with this deep tissue massage, complete with hot oil and tiger balm (where required).

Leeds Massage Centre

Hot oil is applied to the body during this restorative massage, using a medium to firm pressure. Our naturally blended massage oils are used in smooth flowing massage strokes to relieve tension.

Leeds Massage Spa

Benefits include reduced stress levels, increased mobility & muscle flexibility, better circulation & lower blood pressure, detoxification and of course reduced stress and anxiety.

This is for a 60 minute session.

To book, choose your time and date below. Either pay online now, or choose cash on delivery during the checkout process to pay in cash at the salon at the time of your appointment.

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