Best Erotic Massage Edinburgh

Erotic Tantric Massages are the best way to awaken your erotic potential and to expand your senses in a most volouptous sensuality.

Beside its relaxation and rejuvenation effects, an erotic Tantra massage will refine and increase your eroticism far beyond the known limits. Moreover, it will fill your soul with love, happiness anf fullfillment.

Edinburgh Erotic Massage

So if you are in Edinburgh and you have been looking for the best place where to surrender in the hands of a professional, sensual masseuse, then there is no better option than Erotic Tantric Massage Centre which is well known in Edinburgh for its professional Erotic Massages. 07410977446

The expert Erotic masseuses know how to relax you completely, how to remove all your inhibitions and to gradually take you to an unique erotic journey! Here you can find high quality services and a great performance.

Erotic Massage Service Edinburgh

body to body Tantric massage session is dedicated both for men and women. Using special sensual techniques and the genuine Tantric knowledge, this erotic massage connects you with your sensuality, your heart, mind and spirit.

The masseuses master the Tantric techniques and perform them with professionalism.The masseuse uses a high quality cold pressed oil and alternates the soft and intense massage movements in order to provide an overwhelming pleasure.

Erotic Massage in Edinburgh

During an erotic Tantric massage, man will have an intense, passionate, subtle and extremely seductive sensual experience. The skillfull maseuse will pamper him and guide him towards the highest peaks of conscious eroticism. She uses her breasts, feet, buttocks and her entire body to awaken nuanced sensations that will open the gates of paradise for him.

Best Erotic Massage Edinburgh
Best Erotic Massage Edinburgh

A woman may benefit from a yoni massage in order to relieve sexual tensions and enhance her sensuality. According to Tantra, the yoni (vagina) is the sacred source of power and femininity. A yoni massage will bring more self-confidence, fullfillment and charisma in a woman’s life.

Erotic Tantric Massage for Men

£130 for 1hr 30mins
£160 for 2hrs
£240 for 3hrs
£240 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 1hr 30mins
£300 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 2hrs

*Under 30 years old we offer a discount: £120 for 1hr 30mins, £140 for 2h and £230 for 3h.

Erotic Tantric Massage for Women

£130 for 2hrs

£230 for 3hrs

Erotic Tantric Massage for Couples

£250 for 1hr 30mins
£280 for 2hrs (our recommended time for couples)

Erotic Lomi-Lomi Massage

£70 for 1hr

£90 for 1hr 30 mins

£120 for 2hrs

Erotic VIP Massage

£420 for 3hrs with 2 of our delights.

£640 for 3hrs with 3 of our delights.

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