Best Massage in Watford Hertfordshire

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We offer wide range of massage treatments, including Thai and traditional Chinese therapies. Everyday we have 2 Asian massage therapists working. Come and enjoy healthy life style with us.

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Best Massage in Watford Hertfordshire
Best Massage in Watford Hertfordshire

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Watford is a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, 15 miles northwest of London, on the River Colne.

Initially a small market town, the Grand Junction Canal encouraged the construction of paper-making mills, print works, and breweries. While industry has declined in Watford, its location near London and transport links has attracted several companies to site their headquarters in the town. Cassiobury Park is a public park that was once the manor estate of the Earls of Essex.

The town developed next to the River Colne on land belonging to St Albans Abbey. In the 12th century, a charter was granted allowing a market, and the building of St Mary’s Church began. The town grew partly due to travellers going to Berkhamsted Castle and the royal palace at Kings Langley. A mansion was built at Cassiobury in the 16th century. This was partly rebuilt in the 17th century and another country house was built at The Grove.

Watford Thai & Chinese Therapy Massage

   + Relaxing Body Massage

   + Deep Tissue Massage

   + Foot Massage

   + Shoulder and Neck Massage

   + 4 Hands Massage

   + Thai Massage

The Grand Junction Canal in 1798 and the London and Birmingham Railway in 1837 resulted in Watford’s rapid growth, with paper-making mills such as John Dickinson at Croxley, influencing the development of printing in the town. Two brewers, Benskins and Sedgwicks, amalgamated and flourished in the town until their closure in the late 20th century. Hertfordshire County Council designates Watford to be a major sub-regional centre.

Watford became an urban district under the Local Government Act 1894 and a municipal borough by grant of a charter in 1922. The borough, which had 90,301 inhabitants at the 2011 census, is separated from Greater London to the south by Three Rivers District. Watford Borough Council is the local authority with the Mayor of Watford as its head – one of only 18 directly elected mayors in England and Wales.

Welcome to the ultimate massage shop in Watford Town Centre

There’s nothing like a real relaxing experience after a hard day’s work… Whatever your field of work or a personal activity lifestyle is, there’s always room for more…

Come on down to CHINESE HEALTHY CENTRE, Therapy Massage Shop, in Watford town centre, we have friendly and professionally qualified Asian massage therapists working everyday.

Aromatherapy massage is a specifically developed massage therapeutic practice, that employs highly concentrated plant oils and miscellaneous scents, called essential oils.

Massage technique is apply to make your body relax and able to enjoy during session.

We recommend first time customer to try this relaxing massage first and really appreciate having regular massage can enhance healthy life style.

30/60mins: £30/£45

Aromatherapy massage is a specifically developed massage therapeutic practice, that employs highly concentrated plant oils and miscellaneous scents, called essential oils.

Massage technique is apply to make your body relax and able to enjoy during session.

We recommend first time customer to try this relaxing massage first and really appreciate having regular massage can enhance healthy life style.

30/60mins: £30/£45

Relaxing Body Massage 30m/45m/60m/90m/2Hr: £30/£45/£45/£65/£85

Deep Tissue Massage 30m/45m/60m/90m/2Hr: £30/£45/£45/£65/£85

Thai Massage 30m/45m/60m/90m/2Hr: £30/£45/£45/£65/£85

Cupping&Deep Tissue 30m/45m/60m/90m/2Hr: £30/£45/£45/£65/£85

Reflexology 30m/45m/60m: £30/£45/£45

Back & Shoulder Massage 30m/45m/60m/90m/2Hr: £30/£45/£45/£65/£85

4 Hands Massage 30m/45m/60m/90m: £50/£70/£85/£120

We are so excited to offer you the wonder of Chinese therapy massage treatments. Our Therapists are all from China or Thailand.

Everyone holds professional qualifications, and has wealth of health care massage experience in professional sector.

Our therapists are well house trained so that they can offer you friendly environment yet professional therapy massage service. Also they all speak English fluently. We look forward to seeing you at Healthy Care Therapy Centre in Watford town centre.

I have brought Massage Therapy Watford life to help to local community to ease their every aches and pains, recover faster from injuries or provide support if they are preparing any sporting event. I provide professional treatments and consultation to identify the cause of the problem. I treat the following and provide:

  • Pulled aching muscles
  • Arthritical related
  • Preparing for marathon
  • Shoulder and back pains
  • Relaxations
  • Balancing treatments for mind and body

I have been all over the planet and learn different techniques and approaches to make my treatments better and one of the kind:

  • joint mobilization
  • muscle release
  • advanced consultation
  • no hands massage
  • pressure point work

I provide pre-treatment consultation if you are not sure what kind treatment you need for your injuries or aches and pains.

I show you specific exercises, stretching , what you have to avoid and how to improve it and ways to relax and recover.

My practice is open for anybody who seeks improvement or just want to unwind from stress.

THAI MASSAGE in WATFORD, a unisex, healthy natural and extremely enjoyable rejuvenation zone.

THAI MASSAGE PARLOUR not only provides de-stressing and relaxation solutions for YOU, but also we do this in the best manner possible!

We start our therapy by washing hands and feet of the customers.

Massage – a gentle soothing touch on body and mind that will help relieve stress, forget worries and keep you calm after a hectic day. Thai massage, like Swedish massage and all forms of Asian massage, evolved out of the human desire for care. This is a much sought after therapy in the modern world, just like it was in the accident world. However, massage is not a simple therapy as it may appear, as there is more to it than kneading, rubbing and stroking of the human body.

Thai Massage

Swedish Massage

Indian Head Massage

Hot stone Massage

Our THAI MASSAGE PARLOUR is less than five minutes away from Intu, Harlequin shopping centre, in Watford. If you come by train, get off at Watford High Street Station or Watford Junction Station. You will find us conveniently located at, 76 Queens Road, WD17.

The massage techniques we apply have been carefully design to energize your body, mind and soul simultaneously. Our most highly qualified and experienced Thai and Asian masseuse therapists try to create a relaxing environment for you, to meet your unique needs.

THAI MASSAGE – Rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body for treatment of a wide variety of ailments, is our specialty.

SWEDISH MASSAGE – It combines various hands-on techniques of our professional masseuses including gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots.

HEAD MASSAGE – We do it to reduce stress, revitalize the brain and body, relief from headache and ultimately allowing you a good night’s sleep.

NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE: Neck is the connector between brain and rest of the body resting up on your shoulder. To relieve the tension and stress around the neck and shoulder area and get rid of those tight shoulder and neck muscles cramps, please do come to us.

FOOT MASSAGE – We are assuring you one of the most unbelievably relaxing and pain relieving treatments in Watford, we provide a foot massage service for your tired feet.

Massage at THAI MASSAGE PARLOUR can do wonders removing congestion in feet, obstruction in knee and stiffness in shoulders with the help of sensitive touch, pressure, manipulation and massage.

The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey is the best possible solution to treat your body in a healthy manner. It contributes to reducing the stress and decreasing chronic pain. Deep tissue massage can do wonders for patients that have chronic muscle tension, severe pain, strained neck or tight muscles. It helps your body remove toxins and promotes a healthy blood flow to your muscles.
In a deep tissue massage, a firmer pressure is applied on the affected body parts to relax the tight or sore muscles. Let it be a lower back pain or sore shoulders etc. a deep muscle massage can provide you with an effective treatment by realigning the layers of muscles.
Reasons to opt for deep tissue massage
Best for stressed out people
In this fast-paced world, where you are continuously striving hard to cope with your busy life, it is of utmost importance to take care of yourself− both physically and mentally. You need to give your body a break so that it can restore the energy that drains off while doing hectic jobs.
Deep tissue massage is one of the best treatments to ease the stress and make your body and mind relax. The massage is widely recommended for people that are stressed out due to the nerve-racking tasks they do at their workplaces. The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey helps them get rid of the stress or exertion in a healthy manner. It is a hands-on therapy that lessens the stress in your muscles hence keeps you fit and healthy.
The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey is the best possible treatment to fight back severe headaches, rigid shoulders or chronic muscle tension. The inflammation caused by the chronic stress might have detrimental effects on health. It may reduce immune functions as well. The deep tissue massage enhances the production of a hormone called oxytocin that relaxes the body.
A healthy treatment for patients with hypertension
High blood pressure is something that should not be taken lightly. It weakens the heart and blood vessels by putting severe strain on them.
Many people suffer from hypertension and rely on medicines. But when it comes to lowering the blood pressure in a healthy manner, the deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey is the best possible treatment. It is an effective massage that takes care of the systolic, diastolic and arterial blood pressure.
Deep tissue massage contributes to boosting the production of Serotonin− a hormone that stimulates good feelings in the patients.
Promotes healing
The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey is recommended for patients that have muscle injuries. It helps in the right positioning of the tight or twisted muscles. It is the best possible option to treat sport injuries. Moreover, the massage is helpful for reducing the pain and discomfort caused by whiplash or a fall. The deep tissue massage alleviates the pain and promotes the mobility of the affected areas. It relaxes stiff neck or strained muscles.
Fights back chronic pain
The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey plays a significant role in reducing the chronic pain. People having chronic muscle tension suffer from severe pain. The chronic pain makes it difficult for them to perform their day-to-day activities.
Deep tissue massage alleviates the pain by breaking the adhesions (rigid connective tissues). Deep tissue massage removes toxins from sore muscles. It provides the muscles with normal movements and helps them work in a healthy manner.
Breaks up scar tissue
Deep tissue massage helps in breaking up the scar tissues. Scar tissues are formed after a person undergoes a surgery or had an injury. It replaces the normal tissues and has a different fibre arrangement. Scarring depends on the severity of the wound, size and skin, etc.
The deep tissue massage in Watford and Bushey enhances the lymphatic circulation. A scar tissue leads to pain and stiffness. Deep tissue massage can help get rid of the disturbing consequences by providing the affected area with easy movement and relaxation.
I offer effective holistic treatments to cater to your needs and specifications. The massage helps your body restore energy. Here is the cost of the massage that varies according to the time:
  • £30 for a 30-minute deep massage
  • £40 for a 60-minute deep massage
  • £60 for a 90-minute deep massage

Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing upper back, neck head and facial massage. It’s great for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. Indian Head Massage 40 mins £30.

Swedish Massage

The most popular massage; great for relaxation, helps to increase oxygen flow and nutrients to the muscles and helps to release toxins 30 mins £30 60 mins £40 90 mins £60.

Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious treatment using heated basalt stones penetrates 5 times deeper then normal massage, using hot basalt stones to melt away knots, tension and stress. Full Body 60 mins £40 Back Massage including upper arms and neck 30 mins £30.

Deep Tissue Massage

The manipulation of the deeper muscles and connective tissues through massage,  this technique slower and a deeper pressure is applied.  Especially helpful for all sorts of problems from stiff necks to sore backs, tightness. Tailored for you.

Natural Facelift Massage (Facial Rejuvenation)

Natural Facelift massage otherwise known as Facial Rejuvenation, combines acupressure and facial massage to free constructions both within the facial muscles and within the connective tissue. Benefits can include: Improved skin tone and circulation Reduced fine lines and wrinkles Distressing Tension headaches and migraines This treatment is done using no products so it’s a completely safe and relaxing treatment 60mins £40.

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