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An extremely sensual massage, the art is relaxation to achieving the ultimate ending, with lots of gentle soft stroking, teasing, erotic massage sensations with well oiled body to body leading to a very slow intense Lingam ending, using unique hand techniques creating an awakening all your senses which intensifies slowly edging you closer and closer towards an all over full body orgasm the Tantra experience.

Best Sensual Massage Finder
Best Sensual Massage Finder

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This massage is doubly delicious are four hands better than two!? Twice the intensity twice the pleasure! Surely an experience not to be missed! with a slow and sensual ending the lingam, using hand techniques simply pure indulgence.

A Greedy Massage  is also on offer with both 2 and 4 handed sensual massages, if you are brave enough!

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A body to body slide and glide where naughtiness is at its element with a slipery, sliding and gliding full body experience, that you will not forget with soft touches to awaken you into a more than desired state  of exileration and relaxation also with the lingam massage (happy ending) All massages are Hands only. A shower is also part of all the massage services.

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Sensual Sensations in Manchester offer the most  unique Tantra massage services which are suited to your individual needs trained exclusively in The Tantric arts, alongside many others, all are naturist with well oiled body to body leading to the most erotic sensational ending the Lingam (edging to a happy ending) leaving  you with a feeling of complete invigeration and indulgence, floating on air,  totally relaxed with an all over full body experience like no other.

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“Tantalise”- it’s an interesting word derived from the late 16th Century and a word I love to use when thinking about tantric massage.

Literally translated, “tantalise” means to tease, torment, torture or bait. At this point, please don’t worry about the tease, torment, torture or bait, this is not an experience akin to Fifty Shades of Grey.

How To Give A Sensual Massage?. A sensual or erotic massage does not… | by  Full Body Massage Bangkok | Medium

The words origin comes from Tantalos, son of Zeus who was punished in the afterlife by being made to stand in a river up to his chin,under branches laden with fruit, all of which withdrew from reach whenever he tried to eat or drink.

Lets come back to tantalise!

Many of my customers ask me what is tantric massage? The word “tantric” is interesting in itself. In the Western World, since the turn of the 20th Century, the word’s been used loosely to denote erotic spiritualism.

Tantric sex is an ancient Hindu practice that has been in existence for over 5,000 years and means “the weaving and expansion of energy.”

It is a slow form of sex that’s said to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. Today, it’s synonymous with Tom Hanks or Sting.

To me, tantric massage is a method I use to help customers reboot their sex lives. Blended with Swedish massage, it is a relaxing and re-energising and it allows customers to reach a new level of sensual experience.

For me, tantric massage is all about the overall experience, it’s all about shutting out the day to day pressures of modern life. In my apartment, on the massage couch, there are no deadlines to hit, no goals to achieve and no levels of expectation to surpass. It is a time for you to relax and re-energise with no pressures to perform or last longer.


Soft lighting, sensuality, mood music, visual intrigue, the right touch at the right time. It’s about connecting with and reading my customers, watching their breathing, applying massage techniques like feathering, soft touch, firm massage, gentle stroking to relax and stimulate at the same time.

And this is where the word tantalise comes in for me. I put a lot of effort into providing an overall sensual experience. The oil is always warmed, the towels fluffy, the aromas in the room using essential oils are stimulating, tantalising the senses and heightening the overall experience.

All you need do is lay back and relax and enjoy our journey of discovery. Using touch, watching your breathing and providing a safe, sensual environment, my aim is to tantalise, to relax and energise you and to take you to a new place of fulfilment.

To me, tantalising tantric massage is a “win win win” It is experiential and fulfilling for you, extremely pleasurable for me and can benefit existing or future relationships too!

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