Male Tantric Massage Birmingham

Tantric Massage Treatment in Birmingham UK

A clear, comprehensive and in-depth reference guide about Tantra, Neo-Tantra and Taoism and the most popular Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork treatment modalities.

Male Tantric Massage Birmingham
Male Tantric Massage Birmingham

Tantra Massage, or Tantric Massage, is said to have been developed in Berlin, Germany, in the 70s of the former century.

As a Neo-Tantra practice its philosophy is based on ancient Indian Tantra practices, but it incorporates modern bodywork and massage modalities, such as Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and a variety of Deep Tissue massages, and so on.

It’s a highly sensual i.e. erotic massage for both men and women, and it includes working with the erogenous zones of the body such as the mouth, breasts and nipples, the penis, vagina, perineum, and the anus. In addition, there are massage therapists that work internally with the uterus or prostate also. Known specialty modalities are, for instance, Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage.

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