Massage Cardiff

Massage Cardiff

Sports Massage

You don’t have to be a pro rugby player to get a sports massage in Cardiff. If you’re feeling stressed from work or aching after that gym class, this intensive treatment is great for releasing tension and restoring balance to your body. Your masseuse will focus on problem areas, making aches and pains a thing of the past. Sound good? Discover the best sports massage deals near you.

Couples Massage

Calling all lovebirds – if you want something romantic to do, check out our deals on couples’ massages. Of course, it’s not strictly related to couples – you could treat a friend instead. From Cardiff Bay to the Brecon Beacons, there are salons and spas across the city that welcome you in two-by-two for a relaxing massage session. Get the best massage therapy in Cardiff today.

Relaxation Treatments in Cardiff

From hot-stone massages and reflexology, to soothing facials and detoxifying body-wraps, Cardiff has a whole array of relaxation treatments to help you unwind. That’s the great thing about living in the capital – you’ve got so much choice, you’ll feel like a kid in a sweet shop. Take your pick of our massage vouchers and select a one-off treatment, pamper package or spa day today. Then take a deep breath and relax with a capital R.

Cardiff might be smaller than other capital cities (and that’s part of its charm) but life here can still wear you out. Cue tranquil spa treatments, where you can recharge your batteries in bubbling Jacuzzis, steam rooms and candlelit relaxation areas. Some of our most indulgent massage deals include treatments, facials and body wraps. Find the best spa treatments near you.

In a city where sport is like a religion, it’s no surprise that massage treatments are high in demand. Whether you need a sports massage, reflexology or deep-tissue treatment, these quality merchants will make it so. These parlours and salons are the best of the best – as voted by Groupon customers. Find a massage deal near you.

Sports Massage: 30 or 45 Minutes at Health & Sports Physiotherapy

Massage in Cardiff: things to know before you go

Find your oasis of calm with a massage in the Welsh city. Whether you’re looking to relax or re-energise, learn more in our answers to these common questions.

What does a sports massage involve?

A sports massage is a combination of techniques including myofascial release, trigger point work and muscle stretching. Here’s more detail about what a sports massage involves:

  • Myofascial release is the massaging and stretching the connective tissue surrounding your organs, bones, muscles and tendons to increase mobility and target pain.
  • Trigger point work is the application of pressure to muscle trigger points that are causing aches and pains elsewhere in your body.
  • Muscle stretching focuses on relaxing tight muscles by moving your body into different positions.
  • Soft tissue release is the repeated flexing and stretching of tight tendons and muscles to help soothe the strain.

If you don’t play rugby, or any other sport, you can still get a sports massage in Cardiff. The purpose of this treatment is to help correct imbalances in your body – which could be caused by everyday activity, including working at a computer all day. So whether you’re out on the pitch or spectating in the stands, discover how a sports massage could help you.

What can I expect from a couple’s massage in Cardiff?

Whether you’re treating your friend or your other half, during a couple’s massage you will:

  • Be in the same room
  • Have a massage bed each
  • Have a massage therapist each
  • Be covered in a towel
  • Be asked to strip down to your underwear

Usually, you’ll have a Swedish massage treatment – but you may be able to request a deep-tissue or hot-stone massage if you contact the treatment centre in advance.

What types of massage can I find in Cardiff?

These types of massage are generally the most popular:

  • Swedish massage. The classic relaxing massage, where long strokes boost your circulation, soothes aches and sends you into a state of total bliss.
  • Hot stone massage. Using hot stones as an extension to their hands, the heat penetrates through your body and leaves you feeling serene.
  • Aromatherapy massage. Usually found at spas, this massage uses aromatherapy oils to create an oasis of calm that is experienced by all your senses.
  • Reflexology . This ancient practice massages your feet to help your body find balance again. It’s one to avoid if you’re ticklish – but if you’re not, put your feet up.

Where are the best places for a massage in Cardiff?

There are plenty of places across Cardiff to get a top-notch massage:

Best massage in Cardiff city centre

  • A short walk from Mermaid Quay, St David’s Hotel and Spa offers a full range of massages from aromatherapy to heavenly head massages.
  • For full-body massages, the Weight Care Centre is a popular choice. Found on the fringes of Bute Park, this tranquil getaway treats you to a facial and massage – the ultimate soothing duo.

Best massage out of Cardiff city centre

  • In the suburbs near Llanishen, Bannatyne’s Health Club offers the classic Swedish massage as well as Lava Shells full-body massage.
  • Located near St Fagans, The Pamper Lounge specialises in reflexology which is great when you spend a lot of time on your feet.

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