Swedish Massage Manchester

Swedish Massage Manchester

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What happens during a Swedish massage?

During a Swedish massage, therapists use:

  • kneading
  • long strokes
  • deep circular movements
  • passive joint movements

These techniques are meant to:

  • relax you
  • stimulate nerve endings
  • increase blood flow and lymph drainage

A traditional Swedish massage involves the whole body. You will begin on either your back or your stomach and flip over at the halfway point.

If you have an area of particular concern, such as a tight neck, you can ask your therapist to spend more time in this area. Depending on your preferences, you can ask your massage therapist to use light, medium, or firm pressure.

During most full-body massages, the expectation is you’ll be undressed. Your massage therapist will ask you to undress for your massage while they wait outside. It’s up to you whether or not to keep your underwear on.

Swedish massages in Manchester

Your massage therapist will drape a sheet over your body. They will pull back and adjust it as they work their way around. You will be covered most of the time.

Your massage therapist will use an oil or lotion to allow for smooth and long stokes. They may also ask if you have a preferred aromatherapy scent.

Swedish Massage Manchester

Finding the right massage therapist

Before booking your Swedish or deep tissue massage, here are a few things to consider:

  • Is this a one-time thing? It will help your therapist to know if massages are something you do once or twice a year or if they’re part of a long-term treatment plan.
  • Do you have a gender preference? Some people feel more comfortable with a same- or opposite-gender massage therapist.
  • Do you have a setting preference? Some massages take place in relaxing beauty spas, while others take place in a physical therapy or gym environment.
  • Have you read the reviews? Before booking your massage, read what other people have said about your potential therapist. Have they helped people with your condition before?

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