Thai Massage Cardiff City Centre

Thai Massage Cardiff City Centre 

Cardiff Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage, or sometimes referred to as Thai yoga massage, is an ancient method of healing incorporating acupressure, Indian medicinal principles as well as utilising yoga postures.

Traditional Thai Massage doesn’t use oil or lotion. Normally, the client would be wearing thin clothing during the procedure and rather than muscle rubbing, the body is contorted with compression and stretching to fully benefit from the treatment.

The therapist will normally work independently and use her hands, feet, elbows and wrists to give pressure in certain areas. A full session can last anything from 1 to 3 hours, but the norm is one or two hours.
A Thai Oil Massage is a much gentler affair, but the pressure can be soft, medium or hard dependent on the recipient’s preference. A combination of oil; and tiger balm is often used to relieve tired and aching muscles. Many clients report a feeling of “walking on air” after receiving a Thai Massage.

Prices start from:
£25.00 per half hour
£40.00 per hour

Cathedral Road


CF11 9HD

Appointments Only

11h00 – 21h00
With easy parking and a true Thai ambience

Call for Appointment 07902 109 076

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